Unlocking Public Lands

More than 16 million acres of public lands are entirely landlocked by private land—so YOU can’t get there.

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Conserving Migration Corridors

Modern technology has advanced our understanding of how big game uses migration routes, and conservation policy should incorporate recent research.

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Investing in Conservation Jobs

We need bold economic recovery that creates jobs and makes lasting investments in conservation —because Conservation Works for America.

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Slowing the CWD Epidemic

Chronic wasting disease has spread alarmingly among our wild deer and elk herds in recent years, and state wildlife managers need additional resources to respond.

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Modernizing Menhaden Management

The industrial harvest of menhaden is robbing sportfish like striped bass of a critical food source. The most important fish in the sea deserve better management.

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Boosting Farm Bill Conservation Programs

In late 2018, Congress passed new legislation with $6 billion for Farm Bill conservation programs, but our work is not done yet.

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Restoring the Mississippi River Delta

We couldn’t have known 20 years ago that reparation fees from the worst oil spill in our country’s history would help bring back the Gulf’s vanishing coastal habitat.

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Defending the Ruby Mountains

Pending legislation could prohibit oil and gas leasing in the “Swiss Alps of Nevada,” home to the state’s largest mule deer herd.

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Securing the Future of the Colorado River

The Colorado River is essential to an entire region’s way of life—fortunately, decision-makers can support conservation of water resources in the Basin for future generations.

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Using Habitat to Solve Infrastructure Challenges

Natural infrastructure approaches safeguard communities while benefitting fish and wildlife – a win-win for hunters and anglers.

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Everyday hunters and anglers and how they step up for conservation.

Rachel Smiley

A college class on wildlife management was the first step in convincing this former vegetarian to take up hunting. Now, she’s a champion for the tradition and its ties to conservation.

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As our nation rebounds from the COVID pandemic, policymakers are considering significant investments in infrastructure. Hunters and anglers see this as an opportunity to create conservation jobs, restore habitat, and boost fish and wildlife populations.

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