Whereas the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) actively solicits financial support in the form of gifts and contributions to further its mission, and whereas there is the potential or prospect of controversy and compromise of that objective in the event certain types of gifts are accepted or if certain gifts are accepted from certain sources, the TRCP Board of Directors (“Board”) has adopted the following Gift Acceptance Policy (“Policy”):

  1. TRCP solicits and intends to accept those gifts or contributions that will, in its judgement, advance its primary mission of guaranteeing all Americans quality places to hunt and fish.
  2. Gifts and contributions will generally be accepted from individuals, partnerships, corporations, foundations, government agencies, or other legal entities, subject only to the limitations set forth in this Policy.
  3. In the course of its regular development and advancement activities, TRCP will accept donations and bequests of money, real property or interests therein, personal property, stock or other securities, and in-kind services.
  4. Certain gifts may be reviewed prior to acceptance due to the particular liabilities or burdens on the organization that such gifts may impose or due to the prospect of liability or negative public perception that such gifts, or the source thereof, may pose for TRCP. Donations will not be accepted from candidates for political office, nor, ordinarily, from organizations or entities, the principal purpose of which may be to advance the candidacy of candidates for political office.
  5. When considering whether to solicit or accept gifts or contributions from any source, the following factors shall be considered:
    1. Values: Whether the acceptance of the gift or contribution could compromise any of the core values of TRCP;
    2. Compatibility: Whether there is compatibility between the intent of the donor and the organization’s use or conversion of the gift or contribution;
    3. Public Relationships: Whether acceptance of the gift or contribution could impact adversely the reputation of TRCP or its perception by the general public;
    4. Consistency: Whether acceptance of the gift or contribution is consistent with TRCP’s prior practice;
    5. Form of Gift: Whether the gift or contribution is tendered or offered in a form that TRCP can utilize or convert without incurring substantial expense or difficulty; and
    6. Effect on Future Giving: How the gift or contribution may impact future development and advancement efforts.
  6. All decisions regarding the acceptance of any gift or contribution shall be made by the Executive Committee of the Board, in consultation with the President & CEO, consistent with this Policy, but subject to its sole discretion.