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Sportsmen understand that quality hunting and fishing require healthy rivers, streams, wetlands and other aquatic habitats. Yet America’s water resources face myriad challenges: droughts and floods, supply and demand imbalances, impaired watersheds and other aquatic habitats, wetland loss, and projects that threaten species survival. If we do nothing, our current challenges will become worse: Climate change and population growth will stress further a system already stretched to its limits.

On top of all of this, we must secure enough water for healthy fish and habitat in balance with other water needs including from the municipal, agricultural and industrial sectors. Historically, these other uses have taken priority over water for conservation purposes. Therefore, sportsmen must engage in decisions impacting water use. If we don’t, water for fish, wildlife and habitat will be the first on the chopping block.

Smart management of our water resources is critical in order to sustain vibrant fish and wildlife populations and keep our favorite hunting and fishing spots available for us and future generations.


The TRCP is working to make your voice heard in federal water resources management decisions. Engaging with a diverse range of partners, the TRCP will ensure that these decisions benefit sportsmen by improving habitat and your ability to hunt and fish. The TRCP meets regularly with decision makers in Washington, D.C., representing a unified sportsman’s voice to federal officials. The TRCP’s efforts to influence water resources decisions are guided by the Water Working Group, a coalition of the nation’s leading conservation and sportsmen organizations.

Decision makers must understand the impact water resources management decisions have on hunting and fishing – a $200 billion economy in America – as well as the positive impacts of water conservation efforts, especially those that receive financial support from critical federal programs.

The TRCP and a coalition of sportsman organizations are organizing hunters and anglers in support of an administrative effort to clarify and restore Clean Water Act protections for our nation’s wetlands and headwater streams. Without corrective action, 60 percent of stream miles and the nesting habitat for the majority of waterfowl in America are at risk of pollution and destruction.


Sportsmen’s Water Budget

The TRCP has produced a database, “The Sportsmen’s Water Budget,” that includes federal programs impacting water resources conservation. By knowing where and how much the federal government is investing in water conservation, hunters and anglers can better target our advocacy. The TRCP updates the data regularly and adds periodic analyses to explain what the data mean for sportsmen – and we’ll give you opportunities to take action and make your voice heard.

Sportsmen’s Tackle Box

The TRCP is pursuing its clean water goals by advocating for a formal rulemaking process that could restore Clean Water Act protections to wetlands and headwater streams. But we are facing stiff opposition from those who want to stop the process and leave clean water protections for trout streams and waterfowl habitat in limbo. Unless sportsmen act now, our opponents may succeed.

The TRCP has developed the Sportsman's Tackle Box to explain this issue, which includes ways you can get involved. The TRCP will be engaging sportsmen from all across the country to support this once-in-a-generation opportunity and weigh in with substantive comments during the administrative rulemaking process.

Stay Informed

The TRCP is leading efforts to conserve and improve water resources management for hunting and fishing, but we need your help. Sign up and we will keep you informed with the latest on water resources decisions and provide you with opportunities to speak out on behalf of our proud hunting and fishing traditions.

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The Water Working Group

The Water Working Group , a coalition of the nation’s leading conservation and sportsmen organizations, guides the TRCP’s efforts to influence water resources decisions.

The Wetlands and Clean Water Working Group

The Wetlands and Clean Water Working Group  is a coalition of the leading sportsmen and conservation organizations from around the country with the broadly defined goal of collaborating to promote wetlands and headwater streams protections in Washington, D.C., and with the general public.

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