July 7, 2013

Meet Ryan and Kerri Wagner

Wagners Inc. Farm: Wagners Inc., near Roslyn, S.D., a closely held family operation.  Ryan and Kerri and Ryan’s dad are majority owners and manage the operation. Acreage: 4,000 acres and also custom farm for...

July 6, 2013

Meet Dawn and Patrick Scheier

DAWN & PATRICK SCHEIER  (Pronunciation note: Scheier rhymes with tire.) Scheier Farms: Near Salem, SD Row Crops: Corn & Soybeans Acreage: 1,600; also farm with brother for a total of 3,000 acres Family: 3...

July 6, 2013

Meet Joey Hanson

Agronomist & Farmer  Agronomist & Certified Crop Advisor: Now With Valley Ag Supply in Gayville, SD, and starting his own custom strip till business, Diversified Agronomics Farm: Family Farm near Elk Point, SD Row...

July 2, 2013

July Fourth Giveaway

Do you want a chance to win the greatest book of hunting stories ever? In celebration of America’s hunting heritage, we’re giving you a chance to win “The Gigantic Book of Hunting Stories.” So...

June 7, 2013

Dall’s Sheep Species Background

Dall’s Sheep Species Background. – There are four subspecies of North American wild sheep: Thinhorns which consist of the Dall’s and Stone’s sheep; and Bighorns which consist of the desert and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. –...

May 17, 2013

Video: One Fast-Moving Tom

TRCP’s Neil Thagard and his wife Catherine recently had the opportunity to enjoy some time on public land chasing Merriam’s turkeys. With Catherine behind the camera and Neil as the caller and shooter, they...



In the last two years, policymakers have committed to significant investments in conservation, infrastructure, and reversing climate change. Hunters and anglers continue to be vocal about the opportunity to create conservation jobs, restore habitat, and boost fish and wildlife populations. Support solutions now.

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