Sportsmen and Oregon BLM Lands

Simply put, some of Oregon’s best public lands hunting and fishing is on intact and unfragmented fish and wildlife habitat. Mule deer and elk, wild trout, bighorn sheep and upland birds offer great sporting opportunities because fish and wildlife have food, water and space to roam. Many sportsmen know these best hunting and fishing areas as “backcountry.” These areas contribute greatly to Oregon’s outdoor recreation-based economy and Western way of life.

  • Chukar hunting near Sheep Rock on the Malheur River

  • Chukar hunting near West Falls Highlands

  • Lakeview BLM District

  • Malheur River

  • Owyhee River

  • Owyhee River valley

  • Sunset over Abert Rim

  • Antelope in Warner Valley


Sportsmen in Oregon are asking the BLM to recognize these special backcountry places as “Backcountry Conservation Areas,” or BCAs.  Created locally through public planning, the BCA management approach would accomplish the following:

  1. conserve intact fish and wildlife habitat for the benefit of sportsmen
  2. sustain access to high quality hunting and fishing areas
  3. promote active management to restore habitat and control noxious weeds
  4. maintain ranching and other traditional uses of the land

Efforts are ongoing in two BLM districts: the Southeast Oregon resource management plan for the Vale BLM District and the Lakeview plan for the Lakeview District in Southern Oregon.

Speak up to conserve the best of Oregon’s backcountry

The TRCP is working with hunters and anglers to persuade the BLM to conserve our highest-quality public lands habitat and favorite hunting and fishing areas for today’s sportsmen and our kids’ grandchildren.