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The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership is a 501 nonprofit (c)(3) organization that works to guarantee all Americans a quality place to hunt and fish. The TRCP is a coalition of leading hunting, fishing and conservation organizations, labor unions and individual grassroots partners.

We have a national focus on sportsmen’s access and conservation issues affecting hunting and angling. Along with our partners, the TRCP works to preserve the traditions of hunting and fishing in America by a.) expanding access to places to hunt and fish, b.) conserving fish and wildlife habitats necessary to sustain them, and c.) increasing funding for conservation and wildlife management.

Our Financial Goals

The TRCP takes great pride in our financial efficiency, our accountability to donors and our transparency. We work to use every dollar contributed as efficiently as possible. In 2013, the TRCP spent 84.1 percent of contributions on programs. Our overhead ratio was 15.9 percent and we carefully monitor our administrative and fundraising spending to ensure control, transparency and effective fundraising.


2013 Annual Report

Want to learn more about the TRCP’s accomplishments for the past year and our goals moving forward? Read the 2013 Annual Report.

Highlights of the 2013 Financials

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Sportsmen’s Water Budget Tool

This TRCP-produced database, “The Sportsmen’s Water Budget,” includes federal programs impacting water resources conservation. Learn More