Thank you for helping spread the word about Sportsmen’s and women’s attitudes surrounding water standards. Your work to amplify the poll’s findings — that Sportsmen and women on both sides of the aisle overwhelmingly want Clean Water protections for headwaters and wetlands — is more important now than ever, as the EPA currently works to repeal a rule that does so.


Learn more about the the poll’s methodology and key findings from our press release and view/download fact sheets one and two.

View the full results of the national bipartisan poll:




Sample messaging for social media sharing: 

  • Sportsmen and women overwhelmingly agree – habitat and water issues are important when deciding who to vote for.
  • Hunters and anglers put their money where their mouths are – 81% of us are willing to pay more in taxes to restore or maintain water quality.
  • Elected officials: Want the support of hunters and anglers? Have pro-conservation views.
  • Sportsmen and women agree – it’s up to hunters and anglers to speak out about water issues.
  • Hunters and anglers want healthy waterways too – 80% support the #CleanWaterRule.
  • #OriginalConservationists are keeping it clean: 92% of sportsmen and women want to strengthen or maintain current federal standards for clean water.
  • It’s a hit! 93% of hunters and anglers believe the #CleanWaterAct has been good for our country.