ICAST Conservation Summit Schedule

July 12 and 13 Room S210-C

As part of ICAST 2023, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership will lead panel discussions on top saltwater fisheries conservation issues. Experts will discuss pressing topics in fisheries conservation, with live Q&A.

Schedule subject to change, all times EST

Wednesday, July 12

11:30 a.m. – Incorporating Habitat and Water Quality Improvements into Fisheries Management

Ideal habitat and water quality are essential to healthy fish populations. Fisheries managers are evaluating ways in which losing or gaining fish habitat and changes in water quality can affect stock sizes and what that means for setting fishing seasons, determining annual catch limits, and other important fisheries access issues. A panel of fisheries habitat experts, scientists, and conservation advocates will discuss the importance of protecting, enhancing, and restoring fisheries habitats and improving water quality and how those changes could increase season lengths and access in the future. (Sponsored by Bonefish Tarpon Trust)

1:00 p.m. – Everglades Restoration Update

The Everglades Foundation will provide a general update on restoration efforts and how moving surface water into stormwater treatment areas before flowing south through wetlands into the Everglades can help limit red tides and other harmful algae events.

Thursday, July 13

11:30 a.m. – Rigs to Reefs

Both active and decommissioned oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, off California’s coast, and elsewhere have created extensive reef systems. These artificial reefs have expanded the ranges and populations of many popular recreational and commercial fish species and provided productive fishing spots. However, federal policies are forcing these structures to be removed at a record pace, threatening the life that has colonized the structures and limiting fishing opportunities. A panel of scientists and recreational fishing advocates convened by TRCP and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation will discuss the importance of habitats created by these structures, moves in Congress to change policies to allow many of these structures to remain in place, and what can be expected as oil and gas platforms are replaced by offshore wind farms.

1:00 p.m. – Return ‘Em Right

Fisheries management experts and advocates discuss the campaign to expand the use of descending devices among anglers to limit barotrauma and increase catch and release survival for reef fish.

1:30 p.m.—Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council

Presentation from Gulf Council staff on data calibration and other updates on fisheries management in the Gulf of Mexico.  

The Conservation Summit is sponsored by:

Founded in 2002, the TRCP is the largest coalition of conservation organizations in the country, uniting and amplifying the voices of sportsmen and women by convening hunting and fishing groups, conservation organizations, and outdoor businesses to a common purpose.