TRCP Ambassadors are grassroots champions. Sportsmen-conservationists. Hometown heroes. They’re #PublicLandsProud and not willing to sit idly by as the wild places we love are lost. They know there’s more to our sports than just hunting, fishing, and going home.

The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership depends on the involvement of individual sportsmen and women to help boost conservation of fish and wildlife habitat and enhance access to hunting and fishing, where much of our success is dependent on local support. This is where TRCP Ambassadors come in.

We count on this intimate network of experts and knowledgeable volunteers to help us advance our goals where they live. TRCP Ambassadors are often asked to speak on behalf of the TRCP’s membership by writing letters to the editor, attending local events, and participating in public meetings to promote important conservation policy objectives. Ambassadors work closely with the TRCP’s field staff and other trusted advocates to ensure that the mission and goals of our organization are communicated clearly to local sportsmen and women.

TRCP Ambassadors

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