The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP) is requesting proposals from all interested individuals or consulting firms looking to assist the organization in advancing our work on the recently enacted Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)/Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL).

Established in 2002, TRCP is the nation’s foremost coalition of hunting, angling, and conservation groups, and individual grassroots partners working together to guarantee all Americans quality places to hunt and fish. With 62 organizational partners and more than 130,000 individual members/supporters, the TRCP builds coalitions to advocate for federal policies that conserve fish and wildlife habitat; increase funding for conservation programs; and increase public access.

Promoting natural infrastructure and nature-based solutions to protect local communities, support fish and wildlife habitat conservation, and advance climate resilience has been a priority for the organization since 2018. The TRCP leads a number of policy working groups with representatives of conservation, hunting, angling, outdoor recreation, and environmental organizations. Our most recent working group, the IIJA/BIL Coordination Working Group, is a co-led effort with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies to build collaboration and a coordinated joint approach for implementation of priority natural infrastructure and nature-based programs in the IIJA/BIL package. 

As we progress this work in 2022 and 2023, a key focus will be working with TRCP staff and partners to ensure these new federal dollars are strategically directed toward environmentally sustainable projects that build long-term resilience for communities and advance nature-based solutions for national priorities including the Colorado, Rio Grande, Mississippi, Sacramento/San Joaquin, Snake, and Columbia River watersheds. 

The TRCP is looking for individuals or consulting firms interested in a one-year contract to become the lead IIJA/BIL Strategic Coordinator for this effort with a scope of work as follows:


·       IIJA/BIL Learning Network & Conservation Project Accelerator – Initiate a campaign establishing an “IIJA/BIL Learning Network & Conservation Project Accelerator” focused on the top 15-20 priority conservation funding streams over the five-year IIJA/BIL implementation timeline with a focus on maximizing funding toward targeted watersheds and geographies, priority natural infrastructure projects, and established conservation partnerships and coalitions, while also ensuring opportunities exist to elevate and drive forward new opportunities to build capacity and advance conservation objectives for underserved communities and regions in need of conservation planning and additional support.

·       Steering Committee – The Strategic Coordinator will assemble a Steering Committee of conservation leaders for the Network charged with developing the substance of the IIJA/BIL conservation strategy and implementation roadmap.

·       Federal-State-Tribal Coordination Forum – The Strategic Coordinator, in close coordination with the Steering Committee and TRCP’s Special Events Manager and Communications Team, will convene a Federal-State-Tribal Coordination Forum to discuss IIJA/BIL intergovernmental and cross-agency coordination related to natural infrastructure and nature-based solutions; identify how federal, state, and tribal coordination is currently taking place and where gaps exist; highlight case studies and ideas on opportunities for project coordination; and develop recommendations for next steps.

·       Final Strategy/Campaign Document – The Strategic Coordinator will develop a final strategy/campaign document based on feedback from the Federal-State-Tribal Coordination Forum and the Steering Committee, a gap analysis, key areas for improvement, and a set of recommendations including federal task forces and/or existing working groups that may be able to provide necessary coordination; financial or administrative changes; and resources needed to support recommended outcomes.

·       Project Sequencing – The Strategic Coordinator will conduct a strategic project sequencing analysis and develop a set of recommendations. This will consider the timing of federal funds including annual appropriations, new IIJA/BIL funds, the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act, state matching dollars, and public-private partner dollars and identify watersheds where recommendations for project sequencing will be undertaken. The analysis will build on TRCP efforts analyzing universal barriers to accessing federal funding, incorporate guidance from federal, state, tribal, and partner groups that do the on-the-ground work, and identify the best path forward to begin sequencing projects looking at timing issues (seasonal considerations, permit status, funding, multiple phases, etc.), leveraging, and other factors.

·       Federal Staff Capacity Plan A major focus for the next four years must be addressing federal capacity to target IIJA/BIL funding expeditiously, transparently, and strategically toward durable, lasting, on-the-ground conservation. To implement IIJA/BIL funding in an efficient and timely way, staffing challenges at all levels of federal government must be overcome, and solutions identified and implemented. The Strategic Coordinator will work with Steering Committee members to develop a plan identifying targeted next steps for the conservation community to support federal and where needs exist, state capacity improvements to implement IIJA/BIL funding.

·       Communications – The Strategic Coordinator will work closely with communications staff from TRCP and Steering Committee organizations and existing communications infrastructure within each region to develop and execute an IIJA/BIL messaging campaign through earned, shared, and paid media, building upon similar work advanced during recent IIJA/BIL negotiations and the TRCP’s Conservation Works for America campaign. 

·       Administration Targets – The Strategic Coordinator, in close coordination with the Steering Committee and the Network, will identify Administration targets for an education and advocacy campaign to advance the IIJA/BIL conservation strategy and implementation roadmap.

·       Hill Oversight – The Strategic Coordinator, in close coordination with TRCP’s Government Relations Team, will work with policy staff from Steering Committee organizations to develop a blended Administration/Hill strategy to identify ongoing opportunities for oversight, technical changes, regulatory engagement, and potentially development of new provisions needed to maximize IIJA/BIL funding toward conservation priorities through administrative, budgetary, authorizing, and appropriations channels. Any direct lobbying activities under this portion of the campaign would utilize funding sources legally available for lobbying activities and be conducted by TRCP’s Government Relations Team.

There will be a bright line focus on education and policy development as part of this campaign. No foundation funding will be used for IRS-defined lobbying activities.

The TRCP is an Equal Opportunity Employer and veterans, LGBTQ+ individuals, women, and those underrepresented in the conservation field are encouraged to apply.

As a science-based organization, TRCP requires that all employees show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19. We strongly encourage our contractors to be fully vaccinated and often host events in locations where COVID vaccines are required.

Please send proposals including a total monthly contract amount under a one-year contract proposal to Christy Plumer, TRCP’s Chief Conservation Officer, at The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 23rd, 2022.