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Keep Public Lands in Public Hands:

America’s public lands system is fundamental to our hunting and fishing traditions, and public access to outdoor recreation is an asset to each and every citizen of our country. That’s why we are alarmed that some decision-makers are promoting the idea that America's public lands should be seized by individual states or sold off to private interests.

On Thursday, the House Natural Resources Committee will discuss a handful of bills that could close the gates to your public hunting and fishing areas forever. Two of these bills in particular, Rep. Don Young’s H.R. 3650 and Rep. Raul Labrador’s H.R. 2316, are overt attempts to undermine public land ownership.

Let your lawmakers know that sportsmen will not stand for this or any move to dismantle America’s public lands legacy.

We’ve made it easy: With just a few clicks, you can tweet at members of the committee ahead of this hearing and tell them to reject efforts to seize your public lands!

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The idea that individual states will do a better job managing OUR public lands is fundamentally flawed #PublicLandsProud
Are you #PublicLandsProud? Public lands support a $646 BILLION dollar outdoor economy. Keep public lands in public hands.
Are you #PublicLandsProud? Sportsmen and women around the country want you to keep public lands in public hands.
Are you #PublicLandsProud? Americas 640 million acres of public lands provide hunting and fishing opportunities for all!
Sportsmen will not stand for any move that will dismantle Americas public lands legacy! #PublicLandsProud
Show that you are #PublicLandsProud on Thursday. Public lands should be for all, not a few.

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