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May. 23rd, 2011

Act Now to Conserve Our Wetlands and Waters!

Act now to conserve America's clean waters and wetlands. Photo courtesy of Joel Webster.

In the past decade, threats to American waters and wetlands have escalated. Wetlands that are critical for waterfowl are being drained, and headwater streams that serve as rearing pools for salmon and trout are fouled with pollution.

In April, the Obama administration took an important step toward reinstating CWA protections for critical wetlands and waters. The proposed administrative guidance would clarify which waters and wetlands are covered under the CWA, securing the conservation of many tributaries, headwater streams and wetlands that have been threatened for a decade. This guidance would enable the responsible management of millions of acres of critical fish and wildlife habitat and return consistency to the CWA, a law whose passage was championed by TRCP co-founder Jim Range.

The Clean Water Act is vitally important to fish and wildlife and our hunting and fishing opportunities. Sportsmen must speak up and ensure the implementation of strong CWA guidance and the development of a robust and more permanent administrative rule. The Obama administration must hear from sportsmen like you.

Please take a moment to support common-sense conservation of the clean waters and wetlands that are central to fish, wildlife and our cherished outdoor traditions.

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