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The Chesapeake Bay is important to countless species of fish and wildlife, including Atlantic striped bass and wintering waterfowl. The region is rich in opportunities for sportsmen, which is why more than 4.5 million hunters and anglers make it their home. Development, habitat loss, invasive species, water pollution and countless other factors have led to reductions in fish and wildlife numbers in the region and could cause further declines in the future.


In order to sustain and conserve the fish and wildlife in the Chesapeake Bay, federal action that reduces pollution, combats invasive species and invests in restoring habitat is necessary. The TRCP is working with partner groups, members of Congress and hunters and anglers on the ground to advocate for such legislation.


The TRCP and partners worked with members of Congress on initiatives to reduce pollution, restore riparian areas and forests and improve management of water resources in the Chesapeake Bay. The TRCP seeks to improve access for hunters and anglers, focus restoration efforts on fish and wildlife habitat and provide grant funding for habitat restoration projects.

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Once a sporting paradise, the Chesapeake Bay has been degraded by agricultural and urban growth.  We must restore its water and habitat quality while improving access for hunters and anglers to enjoy the resource.

Tom Franklin

Senior Director of Science and Policy