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Mapping Areas Valued for Hunting, Fishing, and Habitat

The Sportsmen’s Values Mapping Project captures input from local hunters and anglers to delineate the areas they value most for hunting and fishing. This unique project seeks to involve sportsmen directly in issues that affect them in the Rocky Mountain West and ensure that their interests are represented in land-management decisions. The project was completed in Montana in 2008 and Wyoming in 2011, and new mapping efforts that were initiated in Arizona and Idaho in 2014 will be completed this year. 

TRCP staff members gather information on the most valued “bread and butter” hunting and fishing areas and the game and fish species that are most often pursued. The results are compiled in a geographic information system (GIS) database where the information can be readily combined with maps showing wintering areas, migration routes, spawning areas, and other important habitats.

The resulting maps provide important and previously unavailable data to federal and state agencies in order to:

Check back for updates. When complete, the Sportsmen’s Values Mapping project will provide an important resource for meeting the needs of local sportsmen.

More about the Montana Mapping Project.

More about the Idaho Mapping Project.

More about the Wyoming Mapping Project.

More about the Arizona Mapping Project. 

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