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TRCP Sportsmen Values Mapping Project

This unique project reflects one of the TRCP’s most outstanding efforts to involve sportsmen in issues that affect them in the Rocky Mountain West. The Sportsmen Values Mapping Project, launched in 2007, captures input from local hunters and anglers to delineate rivers and habitat important to sportsmen. Combined with critical habitat maps already in use by federal and state agencies, this information shows politicians and decision-makers the access opportunities sportsmen value the most. The project aims to ensure sportsmen are represented in management decisions by highlighting the exact areas they want to see managed for the future and continued use of hunting and fishing.

To acquire this valuable information, TRCP staff members meet with sporting groups, conservation organizations and rod and gun clubs from across the West. With maps spread out and pencils ready, staff members ask individuals to identify “bread and butter” hunting and fishing areas and the species they pursue. The results are digitized in a geographic information system (GIS) database.

The sportsmen values maps provide important and previously unavailable data to federal and state agencies for uses including but not limited to the following:

When complete, these user-value maps will form an unprecedented resource for better managing fish and wildlife and meeting the needs of local sportsmen – thereby furthering the TRCP mission of guaranteeing you a place to hunt and fish.

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