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The TRCP and our sportsmen partners are traveling throughout the American West in search of native trout that are dependent on sound public lands management. Yellowstone cutthroats, Rio Grande cutthroats, redband rainbows – a range of species relies on the pristine waters and top-quality habitat provided by responsibly managed lands and waters. And all drive the TRCP in our mission to guarantee every American a quality place to hunt and fish – now and in the future.

Come with us as we pursue these unique wild fish in publicly accessible waters from Montana to New Mexico, Oregon to Colorado. You’ll get to know the TRCP and some of our partners, see some of the most spectacular landscapes in the nation, and have fun as you learn how to safeguard this American legacy of irreplaceable public lands – and the fish that inhabit them.

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Fishing for Redband Trout on the Bruneau River

Watch the final episode of "TRCP's Native Trout Adventures" as we accompany our sportsmen partners on the Bruneau River in northern Nevada in search of native redband trout. Join in our quest for feisty fish in one of the wildest, least-populated locations in the lower 48 and learn about the importance of publicly accessible waters fed by public lands backcountry. View and Add Comments

Learn about the TRCP’s new report, "Backcountry Borderlands," and how maintaining strong and consistent national regulations for the management of roadless areas is critical for America’s shared fish and wildlife populations, prime habitat and the interests of hunters and anglers – across state lines.


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Native Trout Adventures

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