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The TRCP has teamed up with Steven Rinella, host of the show MeatEater on the Sportsman Channel, to serve you up a helping of conservation. Paired with each exciting new episode where Rinella follows in hot pursuit of great hunts and killer food, the “TRCP’s Conservation Field Notes” features Rinella on location talking about key conservation issues related to that hunt. Watch the latest video below and sign up to get involved today… because great habitat means great hunting!

Small Game and Hunting Access

  • For most of America’s history, gaining access to hunting grounds has been as easy as a knocking on a landowner’s door, but with public access declining, it becomes harder to get kids hunting.

  • Hunters and anglers contribute $7.4 billion a year in taxes and fees and help to fund some of the most important conservation work.

  • Programs such as the Voluntary Public Access and Habitat Incentives Program have been short-changed by Congress, and with the Farm Bill still not signed, states have had to put access programs on hold.

Visit these links below to find out how you can help ensure conservation funding and a future for hunters and anglers.

Sportsmen Need a Farm Bill Now

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

Pheasants Forever

The Wildlife Society

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