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June 12, 2013

Wednesday Win: Caption This

Is this your idea of a good day on the golf course? Leave a caption below and you’ll be entered to win a copy of Jay Cassell’s Gigantic Book of Hunting Stories. We’ll announce...


May 22, 2013

T.R.’s Summer Travel

How well do you know T.R.? Give our Wednesday Win trivia challenge a try.  Theodore Roosevelt had three travel related firsts as president.  He was the first president to ride in an automobile for...


March 20, 2013

Wednesday Win: Walleye

This week’s Wednesday Win comes courtesy of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Watch out, there’s math involved! Wild, female walleye will typically lay their eggs in a rocky area during the night,...


February 27, 2013

Wednesday Win: Fill in the Blank

Our Oregon Field Representative Mia Sheppard can be found on page 38 of ____________ Fishing Products. Name the catalog she’s featured in, and we will send you the first season of Steven Rinella’s “MeatEater.”...


February 13, 2013

Wednesday Win: T.R.ivia

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re recognizing our favorite sweethearts in this week’s Wednesday Win. What was the name and location of the church where Theodore Roosevelt and his second wife, Edith, were married?...


January 23, 2013

Wednesday Win: T.R.ivia

Archie Roosevelt was not feeling well, so his brother Quentin decided to take his pony up to Archie’s room, via the White House elevator, to make him feel better. What was the name of...


January 9, 2013

Wednesday Win: Photo Caption

For this week’s “Wednesday Win,” we’re going back to our roots. Leave a comment on the blow photo of TRCP’s co-founder and compass, Jim Range, and we’ll pick our favorite on Friday. The winner...



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