Alongside our cowboy culture, hunting and fishing is a way of life in Wyoming. Residents and non-residents alike understand the value of a mule deer tag in the Wyoming range, an elk tag in the Ferris Mountains, or the opportunity to catch lunkers, including four subspecies of native cutthroat trout, in our clear waters. Wide-open sagebrush ranges, diverse mountains, and abundant accessible public lands that most sportsmen rely on, make our hunting and fishing opportunities truly incredible. Our wildlife also depends on public lands since some of the best winter habitat, like in the Red Desert, is located on BLM lands. Other interests and industries depend on public land as well, and with the right tools, land managers are able to balance development and multiple-use while ensuring that our wildlife continues to thrive.

Sportsmen from across America want to see these outstanding Wyoming opportunities conserved and are asking the BLM to safeguard these important places as ‘Backcountry Conservation Areas’ (BCAs) through the public planning process. BCA management would concentrate on the following:

  • safeguard intact and undeveloped backcountry lands with priority fish and wildlife habitat and dispersed hunting opportunities
  • focus management activities on projects that restore habitats and control noxious weeds
  • maintain important public access to public lands
  • maintain traditional uses of the land that are important to rural communities

BCA efforts are currently underway in Wyoming as the Rock Springs BLM develops a new Resource Management Plan that will determine the future of these lands for decades to come.

  • Red Desert. Image courtesy of Nick Dobric.

  • Rifes Rim

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The TRCP is working with hunters and anglers to persuade the BLM to identify BCAs and conserve our highest-quality public lands habitat and favorite hunting and fishing areas for today’s sportsmen and future generations.

For more information, please contact Nick Dobric, Wyoming Field Representative.