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Center for Water Resources

In order to conserve and enhance aquatic habitat for the benefit of fish and wildlife and for use by sportsmen and women, the TRCP Center for Water Resources improves water resources management in the United States by working with relevant decision makers and promoting the importance of water conservation.

With an emphasis on federal policy and funding, the Center for Water Resources will increase the amount and quality of healthy stream miles and freshwater acres available for hunting and fishing, engage sportsmen and women in decisions about water resources management and increase awareness and understanding about current and impending water challenges so water policies better reflect sportsmen’s interests.

Learn more about what the TRCP is doing to ensure that we manage our nation’s water resources to respect fish, wildlife and our sporting heritage.

Center for Marine Fisheries

The TRCP Center for Marine Fisheries has taken a leadership role in the efforts to assure long-term health of our ocean resources and the sporting traditions that rely on our marine fisheries. The TRCP helps facilitate the Fish Collaborative, an ad hoc effort comprised of ocean conservation and recreational organizations that openly discuss issues and progress together toward healthier and more sustainable marine fisheries. The CMF also helps identify and engage in issues that are important to marine recreational anglers and works with TRCP partners to bring sportsmen’s voices to the policy discussion. Learn more about the CMF’s efforts to conserve marine fisheries.

Center for Agricultural and Private Lands

Federal policies that affect the fish and wildlife habitat on our private and agricultural lands are a critical part of America’s conservation equation. More than 50 percent of the land mass of the nation’s 48 contiguous states is in agricultural use, and the TRCP stresses the importance of science-based conservation in these areas – not only for critters and their habitat but for current and future generations of hunters and anglers seeking recreational access and opportunity. The TRCP Center for Agricultural and Private Lands actively engages with our partners and policymakers to conserve important habitat, sustain fish and wildlife and secure opportunities for sportsmen to access and enjoy these quintessentially American landscapes. Learn more about the TRCP’s agricultural- and private-lands conservation initiatives.

Center for Western Lands

The American West is legendary for world-class hunting and fishing on publicly accessible land and waters. The West is also a place of extremes: drastic climates and harsh terrain fractured by the competing interests of state and federal governments, industry and local citizens.

The TRCP is building partnerships with hunters and anglers across the West to solve complex natural resource issues to benefit fish and wildlife, hunters and anglers, and America’s irreplaceable lands and waters. Learn more about the TRCP’s Western initiatives and about what the CWL is doing to uphold America’s public-lands legacy.

Center for Responsible Energy Development

The TRCP Center for Responsible Energy Development continues to advocate public-lands energy development that considers the needs of fish and wildlife and the interests of users such as hunters and anglers. The TRCP has worked diligently to reform the federal process guiding public-lands energy development and takes a comprehensive approach to examining America’s national energy policy. Areas of focus include energy exploration and development in the western and eastern United States, offshore energy development, renewable energy potentials and impacts and energy transmission issues. Learn more about what the TRCP is doing to ensure that our nation’s energy policy respects valuable fish, wildlife and sporting resources.

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